Aptilo Networks Provides Aviat with Solution for Kerala WiMAX Network

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Aptilo Networks made two announcements on the first day of WiMAX Forum Congress Asia. Aviat Networks chose Aptilo’s WiMAX solutions for Aviat’s installation with BSNL in India.The other announcement coincides with the first, that Aviat will use the new WiMAX Connector plug-and-play solution.

Aviat will deploy BSNL’s first commercial urban mobile WiMAX network. The build out in Kerala covers 35 million people over 38,000 kilometers and is one of the largest WiMAX deployments in the world. Aptilo also provides its WiMAX AAA+ Server to Aviat for the Indian deployment.

The WiMAX Connector maps the subscriber services in the existing OSS/BSS into WiMAX 802.16e service. It lets BSNL use their existing provisioning, billing and other processes with the new WiMAX offering. It will minimize capital/operating expenses on the newest processes, training staff and operating the new OSS/BSS equipment.

“Aptilo’s solution helped us preserve BSNL’s previous infrastructure investments by seamlessly integrating with our Wireless Services Gateway (WSG) and WiMAX CSN elements, thereby allowing us to roll out a full mobile WiMAX solution quickly and efficiently,”  Raj Kumar, Vice President, Asia-Pac Sales and Service, Aviat Networks said,  “From our experience, Aptilo’s innovative solutions help operators build business in today’s changing telecommunications landscape.”

The WiMAX Connector allows operators fast time-to-market and quicker increase in revenue. The combination of the server and connector provides less intrusive integration with third party vendors. The connector allows WiMAX deployment and uses existing broadband infrastructure that normally doesn’t handle WiMAX.

“Aptilo helps operators build their business quickly, with fast time-to-revenue,”  Torbjorn Ward, Chief Executive Officer, Aptilo Networks said,  “We are proud to be working with Aviat Networks, the leader in wireless mobile broadband solutions, in helping to enable this important, large-scale WiMAX deployment with BSNL as well as future installations.”

Operators can deploy it faster because of the simplification provided by the WiMAX connector. This is because operators are able to keep the OSS/BSS equipment. It also enables fixed operators to offer new services without having to invest in a new WiMAX network. It can also support wholesale selling of the WiMAX service.

Aptilo Networks provides billing solutions and other end-user services for operators. These solutions provide great promise for the future of WiMAX deployments as roll outs continue worldwide. The solution should also help integrate mobile WiMAX for those older fixed WiMAX networks. Operators could also use the solution to help incorporate usage fees for users. Establishing a set usage figure and charging by by data usage is a solid business model for larger and smaller operators.

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Emmanuel Kuri June 29, 2012 at 4:34 pm

We are representing a Zimbabwean Wimax licensed company. Wea re preparing a tender for the implimentation of a WiMAX solution here in Zimbabwe. Ther are 14 base station and 10000 CPEs in four towns. The tender is closing on Tuesday 3 December 2012.

If you you can provide the required solution then we will send you the copies of the tender evaluation process so that you can provide us with adequate information for the compilation of bid document.
Wating to hear from you

Best regards

Emmanuel Kuri

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