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BSNL chooses Alvarion in helping its continuing process of rolling out a national WiMax network in India. After naming Gemini Communications as a partner in developing WiMax product supplier, Alvarion will help to launch WiMax services.

Alvarion can stand to make tens of millions of dollars along with Gemini. Gemini’s part of the deal was worth about $93 million dollars and Alvarion divide the remaing 60 percent of the bid after Gemini took 40 percent of the deal.… Read the rest

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Despite the recession and financial woes of the country’s economy, wireless broadband internet deployments based on WiMax have reached 519 in 146 countries, including 95 Wimax networks deployed by 2G mobile operators.

FDD WiMax was accepted into the IMT-2000 family of standards and more than 50 companies endorsed the IEEE 802.16m IMT-Advanced candidate proposal for a future-proof roadmap.

To support IMT-Advanced and the WiMax Forum evolution of its technology roadmap, leading suppliers and operators this year expressed their commitment to build and trial WiMax Release 2 based on the IEEE 802.16m standard. These ecosystem backers included Alvarion, Beceem, Cisco, Clearwire, Huawei, Intel, KT, Motorola, Samsung, Sequands, UQC, Yota and ZTE.

The WiMax Forum also announced that in 2010 it will finalize its WiMax Release 2 specification in parallel with IEEE 802.16m and IMT-Advanced, ensuring that WiMax Release 2 networks and devices will remain backward compatible with legacy WiMax Release 1 based on IEEE 802.16e.

“Despite the global economy, WiMax is going strong in 2009,” said Ron Resnick, president and chairman of the WiMax Forum. “The WiMax Forum membership has continued to bring WiMax to new markets, certify devices and keep the spirit of delivering mobile Internet services to people throughout the world. We expect 2010 to bring new innovations to the WiMax ecosystem with completion of the IEEE 802.16m standard, commercialization of the global roaming program and new WiMax Forum programs to help bring certified devices to retail channels faster.”

In addition to an increase in the number of networks traced by WiMax, many of the already established WiMax networks continue to rapidly expand. A good example of such expansion includes the company Yota, which reached 250,000 active commercial users on its Russian network and passed the breakeven point with more than 2,300 subscribers added per day to its WiMax network. In April 2009, 65 product models from six vendors (Acer, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, Toshiba) with WiMax embedded chipsets were introduced to the Russian market. In 2010, Yota expects to add a new GSM + Mobile WiMax phone supporting VoIP over WiMax.

WIreless Internet service provider Clearwire has reached over 555,000 subscribers, covering more than 30 million consumers in 34 markets and has an average revenue per user (ARPU) of nearly $40. Malaysia’s Packet One Networks, which recently celebrated its one year mark of operations in 2009, has reached 130,000 subscribers. Korean company KT and … Read the rest

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The National Communications Commission of Taiwan has awarded WiMax operating licenses to VMAX Telecom and Far EasTone. The telecom companies must reach 70 percent of their coverage area before they can offer commercial WiMax services. The companies have six months to launch services after getting an operating concession. FET plans to launch a network in central Taiwan in Taichung City in the second half of December.… Read the rest

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It looks like Gemini Communications and ZTE Corp are emerging as the winners of the BSNL order to set up the largest WiMax network in India. Gemini won the initial phase contract and the second phase will occur in a few days, covering all of India’s rural landscape under a mobile WiMax network.

The first phase of the WiMax deployment will be completed by the end of January. It involves installing 1,100 base stations across India. Gemini has partnered with Pointred, using them as an equipment provider. System integration will be done by Chennai firm. ZTE submitted a bid to both supply and deploy by itself.

The current Indian WiMax service was set up under a revenue sharing medit in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa and Andhra Prades provinces and mostly in urban areas. BSNL will continue to award urban WiMax contracts. It will go it alone when deploying WiMax in the rural areas. It will provide CPEs to subscribers in rural areas to complete the project by December 2010.  BSNL recently launched a network in Ajmer.… Read the rest

on December 16, 2009  


Taiwanese government officials have delayed a tender to issue national WiMax services, according to the DigiTimes. It is because the six regional licensees are behind schedule of WiMax services. The government is also doubting whether there is a high enough demand to need a national WiMax provider.

Tatung InfoComm and Global Mobile have gotten operating licenses while the other four are in the process of or applying for their licenses. Chungwa, the leader for a national WiMax service have failed to secure a regional license znd the company has hinted at plans to deploy the other 4G technology, Long Term Evolution in the future.… Read the rest

on December 14, 2009  


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd have launched WiMAX services in Ajmer, India. The telecommunications company stated that the cost of WiMAX rollout was approximately INR2.25 billion.  It is planning to spend around INR12 billion on its rural WiMAX launch. The monthly service will cost INR140.

BSNL is looking to expand its WiMAX services to the Karnataka circle. The state-owned company will look to build its WiMAX network in rural areas of India. It has outsourced contracts for urban WiMAX services to smaller local operators. The BSNL WiMAX will enable a number of services which include video-conference, tele-medicine, tele-education, payment of utility bills, issue of birth certificates, land records and registration of vehicles for government use.

BSNL reportedly has six base stations in operation in rural areas of Bangalor. A further ten are expected to be added in the short term, while BSNL plans to complete its second phase of BTS deployment by February 2010, by which date it aims to have more than 160 in operation. In the first phase, 1000 block headquarters will be connected in the country and the remaining 50,000 common services centres in the next phase.

It is the first offering of WiMax services in what some have expected to be a large market for WiMax services. MSI, Intel and many other companies are gearing up for the bandwidth auction that was announced recently. Some companies are looking to sign up WiMax users while others will look to sell WiMax-enabled products to consumers.… Read the rest

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Iberdana has chose ZTE to construct a WiMax network. Trading Markets report states that it is unclear when and where the project will start. In May 2009, Iderdana selected Alvarion to expand its WiMax network in Catalonia. The contract states that Iberdana will double its broadband capacity in all four Catalonia’s provinces.… Read the rest

on December 10, 2009  


Moqizone Holdings Corp. announced that 2 wireless broadband base stations were installed in Chengdu, China. They are now able to service internet cafes in the northeast region on Chengdu. The base stations are also connected to CERNET a fiber optic network covering over 23 million students at 1,800 colleges and universities throughout China.

“We are extremely excited about the commercial launch of the second city in the roll out of the MoqiZone WiMAX Network. The Chengdu roll-out is the next step in establishing the national footprint for our network.” stated Lawrence Cheung, Chairman and CEO of MoqiZone Holding Corporation. “With so many online gamers from the CERNET network, we look to provide the internet cafés a profitable and unique solution for their customers.”

The Chengdu WiMAX base station installation is part of the continued expansion oof a private network for Internet Cafés to access MoqiZone games on its flagship B2C online game portal. It is a digital entertainment delivery platform that provides online content and games to Internet Cafés in China via the proprietary MoqiZone WiMax Network. The MoqiZone Network provides content delivery to the viral online gaming market and connects game players to online content providers utilizing a national WiMAX network. MoqiZone also plans to roll out the network in Shangdong, Yunnan, Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou and Guangxi over the next year.… Read the rest

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Cooperativa de Telecomunicaciones Sucre has selected Airspan Networks for a multi-phase Bolivian WiMAX deployment. The first section of the deployment will take place in the city of Sucre in the first part of 2010. Sucre residents will be able to access wireless broadband internet .

Operating in the 3.6GHz frequency band, COTES will incorporate a variety of customer premises equipment to meet connectivity requirements, including desktop self-install units as well as outdoor units for increased range.… Read the rest

on December 10, 2009  


HiBeam Internet & Voice has selected Telamon Corporation to support the deployment of their WiMAX infrastructure. It will occur in markets throughout the Midwest and Southeast U.S.

“We carefully evaluated several potential vendors and their capabilities before choosing Telamon,” said G. Michael Cassity, CEO of HiBeam. “Telamon presented the best package of products and services to satisfy both our rapid short-term build out and our long-term strategic plan to grow our business and provide service to underserved markets in the US.”

Telamon will provide a complete integrated solution of services and products. It will encompass supply chain material logistics, site acquisition, and field deployment services along with overarching project management. Telamon’s ability to control the  logistics along with site acquisition and field deployment will ensure help HiBeam launch WiMax to rural markets throughout the United States with the highest quality standards.

“We are very impressed with HiBeam’s management team and are confident they can rapidly grow their business. With Telamon’s successful history of integrating products and services to our customers, we are excited to partner with HiBeam. Our goal is to be transparent to HiBeam’s team beginning at the planning stage and throughout execution,” said Albert Chen, CEO of Telamon. “We are grateful for the business and delighted to support HiBeam as they deploy WiMAX services to their customers.”

HiBeam currently offers service to Peoria, Il, O’Fallon and Dardenne Prairie, MO. It is looking to expand into Mt. Vernon, IL; Marion, IL; Joplin, MO; Texarkana, AR; Topeka, KS; and Texarkana, TX next year.
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