C-motech Enlists Beceem for Latest WiMAX Dongle

on April 16, 2010  

C-motech released its latest WiMAX/EVDO dongle using Beceem’s latest chip. The device is a third generation development between C-motech and Beceem. It’s based on the BCSM350 chip, an innovation from the chip maker.

“C-motech has developed and launched the original 4G-WiMAX/3G-EVDO dual-mode product, and — in working with C-motech — we have built key know how when it comes to improving the user experience during handoff between the 4G and 3G networks. Our new BCMS350 chip delivers a seamless hand-over solution,” Dave Carroll, vice president of sales for Beceem Communications said.

The Beceem chip offers continuity and connection handover that makes it easy for a connection to go from 4G WiMAX to 3G basic cellular network. C-motech uses this feature to provide a multi-mode modem solution for its end users.

“We are 4G-WiMAX dual-mode pioneers, and we could not have achieved our success without the close collaboration with Beceem,” said Michael Choi, director of sales and marketing at C-motech. “In adopting Beceem’s new BCSM350 chip for our next generation dual-mode modem, we know that we have the right 4G chip partner to extend our leadership in the dual-mode product space.”

Beceem’s latest chip seems to be in every dongle that’s going to be out for WiMAX this year. They’ve pioneered the WiMAX chip in a lot of ways and the integration of their latest means that they are an integral part of the WiMAX market for years to come. They deliver simple chips that include 3G/4G connections. This advanced feature providers operators with the opportunity to offer devices in markets that don’t have WiMAX yet, but soon will.

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