Clear Offers Latest Modems

on January 13, 2010  

Clear is rolling out new modems in select markets. The two WiMax modems will have built-in ATA capability for VoIP. Gemtek Series G Home Modem is the first modem, with an omni-directional antenna. It is exclusively for the Las Vegas market and is priced the same as other Clear modems with a 10 dollar service discount. There is also a lease option per month for the device.

Motorola Series M Home Modem (CPEi 725) offers voice and data access ports and a high gain omni-directional antenna for great signal strength. It’s sensitive receiver oversteps the WiMax Forum’s receiver sensitivity requirements and it has quality of service features that will ensure better data and VoIP. It will be available in the Portland market.

Clear is planning on launching many new WiMax networks in major markets including New York and San Francisco, and  currently has networks in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Las Vegas and Seattle.

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