ClearSpot : Clear’s Portable Wi-Fi router

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ClearSpot Mobile Router (for ClearWire Wimax Network) - Front

The personal hotspot router named ‘ClearSpot’ released by Clearwire allows its customers to create their own personal wireless hotspots using Clear’s mobile WiMax network.

The Clear Spot portable Wi-Fi router will be a Best Seller, allowing most Wi-Fi-enabled devices and PCs to connect to Clearwire’s WiMAX network.  The list includes smartphones (including the Apple iPhone, some RIM BlackBerry devices, Windows Mobile phones, the T-Mobile G1, and the Palm Pre), Wi-Fi-enabled game and music devices, as well as Wi-Fi-ready digital and video cameras.  The Clear Spot can also be used to replace the residential Wi-Fi Access Point/Router that connects to a DSL or cable modem, while keeping your home Wi-Fi network intact.

  • Function: Rebroadcasts WiMAX connections as Wi-Fi for up to five nearby Wi-Fi enabled computers.
  • Price: $139 (plus $50 for a WiMAX modem, and $30-$50 for monthly WiMAX service).

Cradlepoint, manufacturer of some of the best 3G wireless routers, created the Clear Spot. Neither Clearwire nor Cradlepoint have released official technical specifications, but the Clear Spot appears to be very similar to the 3G PHS300. The device is almost precisely the same size and thickness as a deck of poker cards. Setup is simple : plugg in Clear mobile WiMAX antenna and turned on the device. The ClearSpot device comes with a battery rated for up to 2 hours of continuous use and a car charger. At maximum power, Clear says its Wi-Fi range is around 100 feet.

Here is a video of Barry Davis (Clearwire) demonstrating the ‘Clearspot’, Clear WiMAX wireless router

“I have been using mobile service since the middle of December and home (fixed) service for about 1 month. In regards to] mobile service – I use the mobile service frequently, but not every day – and to this date, the service is not failed (ie. not been available in an area I know it should be there when I wanted to use it). now, I have come across spots that are dead – little to no signalInterview with Marc Wallis “Clear” Wimax Subscriber In Portland, Oregon.

You can also find additional details about the ClearSpot (PHS300) at

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Name October 18, 2009 at 1:46 pm

This device sucks compared to Novatel's MiFi device.

Name October 18, 2009 at 5:46 pm

This device sucks compared to Novatel's MiFi device.

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