Companies Showcase Latest Offerings At CES

on January 8, 2010  

Telecom companies are gearing up for the Consumer Electronics Show that kicked off Thursday January 7. The excitement began a day early though, with the announcement of a WiMax-enabled phone from LG and Sprint. Though it will not be appearing at CES, similar leaks have led to speculation that Apple will release its latest, a Tablet.

CES is the most important time for software, telecommunications, and any other technology company to show off their newest creations. Sprint will be busy, as it will showcase the WiMax-enabled phone, along with a new Wi-Fi hotspot that is WiMax compatible. Two major router companies are using CES to unveil their latest in WiMax and wireless routers. Netgear is launching two new routers, while Cradlepoint is unveiling their latest offerings. MSI unveiled their latest netbooks, including the first to be WiMax-certified from Intel.

CES isn’t the only thing that’s going on in the world of WiMax. Many international deployments occured as well, including Taiwan’s first network and a network in Baku. In the U.S., companies bought into other WiMax companies and the Justice Department urged the FCC to make more bandwidth available for the telecommunications companies.

Companies are showcasing their new products and goodies at CES only shows that the technology sector continues to grow as the industry develops 4G technologies through providing new products and other CPEs. It is a great time to be a tech junkie because there are many new and innovative products being released for everyone. WiMax enables fair reaches to be able to use high speed internet for reasonable prices. It is going to be instituted in major cities soon so that the government can control everything, however there is always risk involved with having a central control of a city’s utilities.

Top Five Stories of the Week:

1. Clearwire’s Marketing Strategy

2. MSI Unveils WiMax-enabled netbooks

3. Cradlepoint/Netgear Unveil Latest Routers

4. Sprint leaks 3G/4G Wireless Router

5. Report that WiMax and LTE Can Co-exist

Stat of the Week: Research and Markets expect WiMAX coverage to increase, although rather slowly on a global basis, with 10-12% population coverage by year-end 2010

Tweet of the Week:  jaywgraves: @offbytwo That Clear WiMax looks awesome. I’ll pay you $5 to drive by my house and report on the signal strength/bandwidth. ;-)

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