Facebook’s Video Chat on Mobile? Only With 4G.


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Today, Facebook announced new features to its chat system: group chat and video chat! Mark Zuckerberg’s recent promise of “something awesome” to be expected was evidently true.

On your computer screen, you will thus be able to chat with a group of friends with a single click on the new “Add Friends to Chat” button. But the most innovative improvement is definitely the new video chat feature, developed together by Facebook and Skype. The new feature will be rolled out to everyone in the next few weeks and enable all users to simply start a video chat with any contact or leave a video message to the ones that are not connected.

Facebook’s announcement was also perfectly timed. Just a few days ago, Google launched its own social network Google+, claiming to have a more evolved sharing ability than Facebook and enjoying the Google Apps. This should however renew people’s interest in Facebook and prevent the loss of to many users to the benefit of Google+.


The only glitch is that it is not yet available on Facebook’s mobile version. Wonder why? Only 4G speed could support it. As of today, the current 3G network and service offerings cannot realistically support such massive data transfers. This represents a great opportunity for the WiMAX industry to create awareness and increase market demand. The more applications require 4G technology, the more phone manufacturers and service carriers will integrate it to their smartphone products and data plans. And Facebook, with its 750 million users worldwide, definitely represents a major argument in favor of developing 4G WiMAX technology and network.
Talking face-to-face over Facebook on your mobile phone seems like a reasonable expectation as soon as 4G WiMAX networks achieve greater market penetration. All we ask is for it to be as soon as possible!



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Kobe Wadsworth July 7, 2011 at 1:59 pm

This is interesting. In my blog from wimax360, dated 1-13 -11 titled “what is 4g”, I made a prediction
that facebook would soon integrate a voice video chat feature. This opens the door to 4G becoming the new video phone company of tomorrow. No question about it, this was made to be mobile, and it don’t get no better than this. Facebook will be a major player in the communications space.

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