iPhone5 Chooses LTE Over WiMAX for 4G Network


on September 14, 2012  

This past Wednesday Apple held the big reveal of the new iPhone 5. The new iPhone boasts many new features, such as being the thinnest smartphone yet, and the first iPhone to join the 4G network.

This fact had been hinted at in a previous article posted on this site, where we also discussed the separation between Sprint Nextel Co. and WiMAX, an event that had mixed outcomes for WiMAX on the United States front. In the article, we addressed rumors about the iPhone5 leaving behind the 3G world for 4G, and being more likely to choose LTE. Unfortunately for WiMAX’s American market, we were right. Apple too decided to choose LTE to be the 4G-service provider for their newest addition over WiMAX, making LTE the premier choice for next-generation wireless.

With the addition of LTE to the iPhone5, it is apparent that the 4G craze is spreading. Apple is a bit late joining this phase with the first 4G smartphone appearing a year and a half ago: a Sprint Android powered by WiMAX. The new phone offers many of the same perks that Sprint’s HTC Evo did when it was first previewed as well, with the main selling point being the increased downloading speeds. The new iPhone also offers a new sleeker look and lighter weight, with the major bonus of the phone (besides the 4G) being that Apple has also managed a way to utilize the 4G network while lessening the drain on the phone’s battery life.

The iPhone5 opened up for pre-order this morning, September 14th, and is already doing great in sales, but did anyone expect anything different?

One thing is for sure: it definitely marks a great event for the Long Term Evolution Club in the United States market. As the saying goes, one small step for Apple, and one large step for LTE.

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