Mandarin WiMAX Bringing 4G to Sicilian Area of Modica

on July 7, 2010  

Mandarin WiMAX Sicily will bring the 4G technology all areas of Modica, including the remote rural areas. It will provide broadband Internet to places that were unable to connect because of land line restrictions.

Local governments in Sicily are attempting a new approach by offering wireless technologies to meet the needs of households and businesses that need a super fast wireless Internet connection in places where DSL services aren’t being met by the local telecom operators.

Mandarin WiMAX is a regional telecommunications company. They won spectrum space on the Italian island in the 3.4-3.6GHz frequency. The venture consists of a group of Sicilian businesses, Medianet Communications, Korec, Group Franza and Temix. Mandarin will try to build a transportation network with voice and data services that connect wireless reliability and security, covering the entire Sicily region.

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