Overview of the BreezeMAX Product Family

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Alvarion BreezeMAX enables converged voice, video and multimedia services over an all-IP network architecture. BreezeMAX enables more users per cell site and more available bandwidth, resulting in less required sites and reduced CAPEX and OPEX. This widely deployed platform supports a modular, scalable and future-proof network architecture, and flexible pay-as-you-grow deployment schemes for rapid market penetration.

BreezeMAX Base Station


Alvarion’s modular and robust base station includes an advanced management application and is available in
four designs:

  1. BreezeMAX Macro Base Station : Available in scalable, high-density configurations particularly suitable for large-scale deployments supporting up to 3 sectors.
  2. BreezeMAX Micro Base Station : Small form factor base station addressing the demands of small deployments with basic functionalities and a limited number of subscribers, and offering a cost-effective solution for operators deploying in rural areas.
  3. BreezeMAX Elite Base Station : All outdoor, full-featured macro base station with an optimized weather configuration; a versatile upgrade process from single sector configuration to multi-sector, multi-carrier deployments; and flexible mounting options for rooftops, walls, poles and towers.
  4. BreezeMAX Extreme Base Station : All outdoor, all-in-one, easily installed, compact and cost-effective micro base station, designed with a modular architecture and supporting up to 2 sectors on a single device.

BreezeMAX End User Equipment


BreezeMAX PRO-S consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that contains the modem, radio, data processing and management components,as well as an integral high-gain flat antenna with either vertical or horizontal polarization. An ODU with a connector to an external antenna is also available.

BreezeMAX Si is a self-installable, nomadic WiMAX subscriber unit providing broadband data services in a compact design. Ideal for residential and SOHO users, it is a complete indoor solution (without the need for an outdoor unit) supplied with installation software. Furthermore, BreezeMAX Si supports both a smart card and a USB dongle for simple remote connection.


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