Proxim Powers Sunrise’s Latest Connection in San Francisco Bay

on June 1, 2010  

Sunrise Wireless chose Proxim Wireless to provide a solution to unwire the San Francisco Bay. Sunrise will use a combination of point-to-point wireless backhual, license-free WiMAX and Wi-Fi products for an end-to-end broadband wireless solution enabling wireless internet to boats over 62 miles of San Francisco Bay.

SFOWetNet works on two networks. One is for commercial vessels and the second offers Wi-Fi access for recreational boaters in the central and western portions of the San Francisco Bay. SFOWetNET-comml provides unlicensed WiMAX connectivity to commercial vessels like cargo boats, police, fire and search and the rescue boats with ultra fast mobile wireless internet. Soon, there will be able to provide VoIP and real-time streaming video to deliver on ferries and other watercrafts.

SFOWetNet-marine will provide a Wi-Fi internet connection to all recreational vehicles with a monthly, daily or hourly subscription. A laptop is necessary to enjoy an internet connection up to a half a mile away from shore. The coverage area extends from the Bay Bridge to San Rafael Bridge, from Alcatraz/Angel Island all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

“We have utilized Proxim’s end-to-end wireless systems for maritime deployments in the past — including our deployment with the Washington State Ferry (WSF) system — and I believe the Proxim solution is the best for marine broadband networks,”  Milton Gregory, President of Sunrise Wireless, said, “Not only does the system just work, but Proxim is the only place I can get a complete Wi-Fi, WiMAX and point-to-point wireless backhaul solution in one place. Proxim has the tools needed to enable high speed roaming applications combined with the ability to provide high-bandwidth wireless connectivity over water, which is an exceptionally demanding RF environment. No other technology is as cost effective for this application.”

The Proxim Tsunami MP.11 5054R and 5054-LR base station and subscriber unit provides the unlicensed WiMAX connection to commercial vessels. The Proxim ORiNOCO AP-4000 MR-LR provides extended Wi-Fi coverage to the recreational boaters. The Tsunami.GX radios provide wireless backhaul for the WiMAX and Wi-Fi radios back to the data center in San Francisco. There are 40 miles of backhaul involved.

“Sunrise Wireless has always been an exciting partner, because they specialize in creating wireless networks in one of the most difficult environments — over water,”  Robb Henshaw, Senior Director of Global Marketing & Communications for Proxim Wireless, said, “At Proxim, we know that people want wireless connectivity wherever they are. Together with Sunrise Wireless, we look forward to continually enabling people to connect in more and more locations.”

Sunrise Wireless is smart in installing a complete WiMAX solution, and using Proxim‘s top of the line equipment should make the boating experience in San Francisco Bay more fun with an internet connection. When they’re able to provide live streaming news, sports and entertainment television, it opens up new market strategies to get companies advertising to boat specific users. They’ll also be able to generate revenue through the subscription service and offer an important connection to recreational boaters.

Photo Courtesy of Ostrosky Photos via Flickr

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