REDTone Starts WiMAX Services in Malaysia

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REDTone begain offer WiMAX services in Miri, Malaysia. It is expanding the broadband service coverage in the Sarawak area of the Asian Pacific country. The expansion is as planned, with the strategy to roll out the 4G technology in areas where the demand is high and ready for the service.

“We are zeroing in on areas where there are business districts, commercial centers, industrial parks and shopping premises as offices are our main target market,”said Lau Bik Soon REDtone Telecommunications Sdn Bhd chief executive officer, .

The service will focus on densely populated areas in Miri, such as Jalan Tanjong, Yi Hai Hai, Piasau, Lutong and Senadin. The company owns the spectrum license in the 2.3GHz spectrum for Sarawak and Sabah regions of Malaysia.

Soon also stated the company wouldn’t rely on WiMAX as the Internet provided. They will use satellite, Metro E, Microwave, 3G, Wi-Fi, wireless point-to-point and ADSL. It’s a good way to ensure an Internet connection is available to their customers. REDTone will also begin services in the greater part of Kuching. In Sabah, similar Internet service has begun in Kota Kinabaul. The company will also launch in Sandakan and Tawau parts of Sabah region.

The company is initially offering USB modems to start. There are several different plans for both home and office use. Users can sign up for one year or sign no long term contract at all. It’s simple to use, simply blug the USB modem into your computer and you should be connected anywhere within the network coverage area.

They’re the second major player to launch the services in Malaysia. Greenpacket, under its subsidiary Packet One Networks launched the technology in 2009.

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Duntochan November 8, 2010 at 11:05 am

What is the meaning of blug the usb modem? LOL typo mistake man

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