Samsung Releases Latest Devices in Korea

on June 7, 2010  

Samsung released three WiMAX devices for the Korea market. The SHP-M8100 WiBro smartphone, the SPH-P9000 multimedia convergence device and SPH-H1200 USB dongle.

The SPH-M8100 is a WiMAX cell phone that offers wireless Internet, voice and video telephone services through the WiMAX and CDMA EV-DO connection. The slider phone includes a 2.8 inch color touch screen, TV-out connection and MMC card slot. The device also includes two camers, including a VGA camera for video calls. It works on Windows operating system. The SPH-P9000 provides a great combination. It works with voice and data communications over WiMAX, with a full QWERTY keyboard, music player and camera functions for entertainment.

The USB dongle connects to both the WiMAX and HSDPA 3G connection. The security features include limiting users from accessing specific programs. WiMAX services are set up in the suburbs of Seoul, along with 17 universities and four subway lines. WiMAX had previously been available in a few limited areas of Korea.

Enthusiasts have to wonder whether the WiMAX-enabled phone released in Korea will be the same phone released through CLEAR later this year. It should  be interesting to see how the devices impact the WiMAX market in Korea. It has always been a great testing ground to see how technology develops before being released in the U.S.

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