Sprint Shows NYC 4G WiMax in the Works


on September 29, 2010   |   3 comments

Even though Sprint has yet to officially launch their 4G network in New York, there are plenty of spots in bustling metropolis where coverage is available to those with WiMax-enabled devices. But just in case you were wondering how the process of rigging the Big Apple for big reception was going, the company's execs are more than eager to give you a sneak peak of their soon-to-be live operation.  They might not be the most charismatic on-screen presences, but they're certainly enthusiastic about the deployment tools of the WiMax trade proudly perched atop the rooftops of Gotham. If you've ever found yourself curious about the makeup of a cell site, click on the video below for a first-hand look.

Or If you just want to see what video looks like on Sprint's new 4G Network (as viewed through the lens of a HTC Evo)…Hey look, a dog playing with a sprinkler!

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