Wilson Electronics Features First 4G AWS Signal Booster


on December 28, 2010   |   1 comment

Just in time for CES, Wilson Electronics is gearing up to formally introduce the first in a series of 4G Cell Phone Boosters. ┬áConsidered a godsend in areas where good reception is scarce, cell boosters pick up scanty signals, amplify them and then redistribute a stronger signal throughout a home, office or other space. Until now, Wilson Electronic’s extensive line of cell repeaters has been limited to 3G offerings, leaving a noticeable void among 4G users. ┬áThis new 4G Cell Booster operates on the AWS band which is used by T-Mobile for its HSPA+ network.

The Wilson 4G AWS 60dB Cell Booster runs at $399.95 and is best utilized for home-internet use. Later next year, Wilson plans to release multi-frequency 4G cell phone signal boosters that can be utilized with carriers other than T-Mobile. Included in these future offerings are 4G cell boosters that are compatible with Sprint’s WiMAX network. ┬áStay tuned for further details on Wilson’s 4G Booster line slated to be revealed at CES.

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